Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

  • easy to operate JBG-40F Rebar thread rolling machine

    easy to operate JBG-40F Rebar thread rolling machine

    easy to operate JBG-40F Rebar thread rolling machine

    JBG-40F is used for construction project HRB335,HRB400,HRB500 hot rolled ribbed reinforced bar diameter 14-40mm.It uses a low-pressure control system,simple operation,safe and reliable.It addition,the machine adopts 5.5kw high-quality motor,and the thread processing length can reach 300mm for both right-handed and left-handed thread.This machine can not only process the parallel thread of rebar,but also process the anchor bolt for building engineering.
    JBG-40F 分解图
    1.The position disc can be used to adjust the dimension freely within diameter 14-40mm
    2.Famous brand electric panel, more safe.
    3.High quality 5.5KW copper wire motor, guarantee a more stable performance.
    4.The thread length can reach 300mm for both right-handed and left-handed thread.
    5.Good quality cast iron clamping, it could clamp rebar or round bar very tight.
    6.The machine not only process the rebar ,but also process the anchor bolt.
    40F 包装 运输
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    1.What are the consumable spare parts? Answer: roller, blade, eccentric shaft.
    2. What is the motor voltage?
    Answer: machine standard motor is 3-380V-50HZ. we also can make motor of 3-440V, 220V, etc.
    3. What is the thread specification?
    Answer: roller specification is metric, UNC, or BSW.
  • rebar thread rolling machine price

    rebar thread rolling machine price

    Baoding Jindi Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rebar mechanical splicing equipment, rebar processing machinery, rebar coupler and related products. Our company has more than 500 employees, of which there are 120 technicians. We have strong technical force, advanced production equipment and complete testing means; we have our own physical and chemical laboratory, mechanics laboratory and metrology laboratory. Our company have passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification and have reliable quality assurance system. It yearly produces 10000 sets of various machines and 50 million rebar couplers, which is available throughout the country each place.

    I. Basic Information

    Machine Model: JBG-40KI

    Machine Weigh: 420kg

    Rated Voltage: 3-220V

    Rated Power: 4.0kw

    Power Supply Frequency: 60HZ

    Allowable physical environment, temperature and elevation for work and store:

    The machine should be kept in storeroom with dry air and no harmful gas.

    The machine should be kept clean.

    The machine works under the following terms and conditions:

    1. Sea level elevation does not exceed 2,000M.

    1. Cooling medium does not exceed 40℃.
    2. The processing rebar diameter does not exceed rebar diameter regulated at nameplate.

    II. Safety Operation Instruction

    1. Be sure to read through the operation manual carefully before operation.
    2. Be sure to keep this manual safe for future reference.
    3. First put the machine in stable surface and fix it. Connect the power cord and ground wire, power supply is three-phase 380V 60Hz. It is required to add enough water-soluble coolant (cutting fluid) to water tank and the oiliness coolant is forbidden.
    4. The center of gravity position is at the rear of machine, length, width and height are: 1200mm600mm1300mm. The machine should be placed stably and transported in dry environment and kept away from rain.
    5. Special tools are required for dismounting in order to avoid destroying machine components.


  • electric fully automatic rebar thread rolling

    electric fully automatic rebar thread rolling

    JBG-40 fully-automatic rib stripping and parallel thread rolling machine adopts new MCU as the core control unit,it has strong anti-interference performance.Controller is connected with LCD touch screen, all debugging functions can be implemented on the LCD touch screen, After the machine enters the automatic working state, the display screen shows the working status of each stage of the machine. Machine electrical failure can also be directly reflected on the touch screen, so troubleshooting is easier and more convenient.