easy to operate JBG-40F Rebar thread rolling machine

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easy to operate JBG-40F Rebar thread rolling machine

JBG-40F is used for construction project HRB335,HRB400,HRB500 hot rolled ribbed reinforced bar diameter 14-40mm.It uses a low-pressure control system,simple operation,safe and reliable.It addition,the machine adopts 5.5kw high-quality motor,and the thread processing length can reach 300mm for both right-handed and left-handed thread.This machine can not only process the parallel thread of rebar,but also process the anchor bolt for building engineering.
JBG-40F 分解图
1.The position disc can be used to adjust the dimension freely within diameter 14-40mm
2.Famous brand electric panel, more safe.
3.High quality 5.5KW copper wire motor, guarantee a more stable performance.
4.The thread length can reach 300mm for both right-handed and left-handed thread.
5.Good quality cast iron clamping, it could clamp rebar or round bar very tight.
6.The machine not only process the rebar ,but also process the anchor bolt.
40F 包装 运输
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1.What are the consumable spare parts? Answer: roller, blade, eccentric shaft.
2. What is the motor voltage?
Answer: machine standard motor is 3-380V-50HZ. we also can make motor of 3-440V, 220V, etc.
3. What is the thread specification?
Answer: roller specification is metric, UNC, or BSW.

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